2012 Trap Shoot Reports


(article by John Helm) 

It was another beautiful day for a shoot and we had 27 shooters. A few arrived early and got in a practice round before the 0900 start.   25 shooters shot singles and once again Woodrow Sullivan won A Class and was high man with a 95.
 Stevan Hill was awarded B Class with a 91 and Walter Furbee, also with a 91 took VetJohn Helm won C Class with a 93 and Billy Hancock was Sen. Vet. also with a 93.   Howie Wittenberg was D Class winner with an 88.  Jordan Jewell was high Jr. with an 80 and Patricia Hill was high Lady also with an 80
After lunch 16 shooters took the field for Handicap and by then the breeze had picked up a little. John Bakach was high overall and got a 1/2 yd punch.  He shot a 92 and won the 18-20.5 yd group.  Woody Sullivan won the 21-23.5 with an 84, and Kent Jespersen won the 24-27 yd. group with an 87.  Thomas Burrey took home high Vet. with an 85, and Jim Ehle was high Sen. Vet. with an 80.  Beth Moore was high Lady with a 64.
We had one full squad for Doubles and by this time the birds were dancing in the breeze.  Woody Sullivan continued his winning ways and won B Class and high man with a 79.  Right behind him John Bakach won C Class with a 76, and Mike Theis won D Class with a 59.
A new Trap shooter, Craig Cass from Colorado, managed to find his way to our club and looks like, with a few more rounds, he'll be providing some competition to the old hands.  The birds seemed to be flying true and the scorers did a commendable job.  Once again Eli worked his magic with the grill and I don't think anybody went away hungry.


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Sunday, 18 March 2012


Article submitted by and a big Thank You to: John Helm



It was a beautiful day for a Trap Shoot and we had 27 shooters enjoying the weather and the friendly competition. 25 shooters, three of them ladies, took the line for singles and proceeded to bust a lot of clays.


Senior Vet Woody Sullivan and Kent Jespersen tied for high with 95s, Mike Theis was right behind them, winning C class with a 94, John Bakach took B class with a 93 and William Hudson took D class with an 87. High Vet was Tom Hooker with an 88 and High Lady was Linda Jordan with an 84.


After another of Eli Joiner's famous lunches (hamburger/cheeseburger with all the ‘fixins’ or Italian Sausage with peppers and onions, iced tea, and macaroni salad) everybody got ready to shoot some handicap. We had 19 shooters, all but one of them in the 18-20.5 group. John Bakach was high overall with a 90, and Woody Sullivan (the only shooter in the group) won the 21-23.5 with an 84. Senior Vet was Tom Smith with an 88, and Vet was Tom Hooker with an 81. Alberta Brooks was high Lady with a 75.


Steve from the Shellhouse did a good job of getting set up for doubles and we had four shooters. Woody Sullivan was high again with an 84. Roger had the birds flying nicely once again and everything seemed to go pretty smoothly. We were finished with the shoot by about 2:30 but we missed our Junior shooter this month. Justin Where are you???


Also; we could use a couple of high handicap shooters. We had two signed up in the 24-27 yd range but they decided not to hang around to shoot a 2 man squad. We could use a couple of you snipers to come in and help us fill out that squad.



April 15 is our next registered shoot and I hope to see you there.







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Sunday, 19 February 2012

Article submitted by and a big thank you to: John Helm


I know some of our regular shooters were away at a chain shoot and some

of the rest were probably scared away by the weather forecasts but we had

26 intrepid shooters show up and we had a fun day in spite of the clouds. It

was mostly cloudy with a breeze that got stronger as the day went on. By

afternoon shooters had to brace against the gusts but the rain held off until

we were done and even then it didn't rain much.

We had five squads for singles and Mike Theis was high with a 98. Mike

has only been shooting a few months but I think it is time to move him out

of C-class.

A-class had a three-way tie at 92; Woody Sullivan, Kent Jespersen, and

Larry Fields, B class was won by Gary Hemly with an 88 and D-class by

Howie Wittenberg (who shot his first registered 25) with an 87. Senior Vet

was won by Chuck Loomis with a 95 and Vet was taken by Tom Hooker

with an 88.

We had three squads for Handicap and Mike Theis was high again with a

96, he got a 1/2 yd. punch to 18 ½ yds. Leo Derderian was high in the 21-

23.5 group with an 86, Senior Vet was Chuck Loomis again with an 80 and

Vet was Gary Hemly with a 79.

One squad shot doubles and Leo Derderian was high with an 86 (by that

time the wind was getting troublesome).

Ely Joiner served up another good lunch with a choice of

hamburger/cheeseburger or italian sausage w/ peppers & onions, all the

fixin's and iced tea. Roger, our resident trap machine expert, was there

early to ensure that the machines were set properly and throwing good

birds and Jim Ehle helped with the scoring which was a tough job with the

mix of sun and clouds that we had. It is help from people like this that

makes for a good shoot, when you see them around the club give them a

Thank You.

Mark your calendars for March 18 and we'll do it again. I'm predicting sunny

skies and calm winds (at least I can hope). I'll see you then.






Article submitted by and big thank you to: John Helm




I know this sounds repetitive but we had ANOTHER gorgeous day for a Shoot. It

started out chilly, sunny with no wind, and as it warmed up the breeze picked up. We

had 31 shooters with 28 shooting singles, 20 shooting handicap, and four shooting

doubles. I guess I'll have to blame the breeze for the low scores, everyone seemed to

be trying hard, I know I was.

And the winners are...Singles: a three way tie for first with 96. Two A shooters

Woody Sullivan and Gary Reynolds and a new shooter shooting in C class Mike

Theis. B class Joe Sissano with a 95 and D class William Hudson also with a 95.

Behind those were VT Gary Hemly with a 93, SV Billy Hancock also a 93, LD

Alberta Brooks with an 82 and JR Justin Register with a 71.

After lunch, allowing the wind to pick up a bit, we tried Handicap and had

another tie. 24-27 yds. Forrest Geisler tied with 21-23.5 yds. Gary Hemly with an

85 and both got a 1/2 yd punch. 18-21.5 was won by Tom Hooker with an 83.

Behind those SV Woody Sullivan with 83, VT Gary Reynolds 81, and LD Alberta

Brooks 68.

In Doubles Mike Cieslik was high with a 79 and won B class, Joe Sissano D class

with a 64, VT Gary Reynolds 75, SV Chuck Loomis with a 54.

Thanks to all who participated today and we hope to see you all back here Feb. 18,

and brings some friends. Now for the bad news. I'm sure you noticed that the club has

had to raise their prices for practice rounds to $6 so our Shoot prices will have to go

up. Right now I don't know how much it will be, I'm lobbying to keep it to $25/event

or less. I think the Skeet Shoots are already charging about that much and I don't

know if they are going to go up some more or not. It's still not a bad deal with SD

charging $31/event at the Southern Grand. I will post the new prices as soon as we

nail it down...Thanks Again for attending.